Gracija-Rim show at Riga Fashion Week 2018

Within the frame of the 3rd international lingerie forum in Latvia, Gracija-Rim has presented a new collection on a catwalk of Riga Fashion Week. The Autumn/Winter 17/18 collection and some designs of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection were demonstrated in the show. The design of these season lines is eclectic and combines different shapes, textures, and stylistic decisions. Straight lines are mixed with parabolic ones, the lace with the floral pattern - with lacing, elegant forms - with rough ones.
The main target of the show was to study the aspect of sexuality. It is a creative try to understand, which natural instincts form fetishes, and where is the crossing point of sensibility and cruelness. Stylistics of the show was set by handmade accessories - leather masks with floral crowns.