The main themes of the collection are presented by harnesses, geometric lines accentuating bends of a body, lace with a large pattern, vintage motifs and, of course, bralettes. A bralette is a bra, commonly with a soft wireless cup. This romantic lace element of underwear triumphantly came back to fashionistas' wardrobes at the same time as the fashion for small bust and naturalness. It is now combined with different styles — boho, evening, casual, beach, and even a business one. Women's harness is such a sexual piece of clothing that a couple of years ago it could have been bought only in a sex shop. But now the harness came out of the fetish area and became a fashionable and popular accessory. Harnesses from the new Gracija-Rim Lingerie collection can be worn not only as an element of underwear but also over clothes or with summer wrap dresses.