Our Product:

    ● The assortment is presented in a large number of construction solutions and designs. Each collection is current out of season and being produced as long as it is demanded among the partners

    ● The assortment is divided into capsule collections. The garments of each collection are merged by design solution and materials. A capsule usually consists of 2-3 types of bras, 3-4 types of panties, and complemented by such accessories as a suspender belt, bodysuit, corset or a chemise. Wide range of designs within one line provides ability to choose a perfect total look according to preferences of a final customer

    ● Design and constructions of each capsule collection are unique
    ● Each garment is a technologically complex handmade construction 

    ● Wide size range, including +SIZE

    ● Each construction size is tried on women of different bodily constitution at a pattern development stage. It allows the item to fit perfectly 

    ● Every season our team of stylists is monitoring trends of the global fashion industry, and trend-books as well, so the lingerie of Gracija-Rim is always on the top
    ● Only certified, high quality European materials are used for the production process, that meet high requirements of international standards ISO, as well as ecological standard OEKO-TEX Standard 100

    •  Size range:
    for briefs - 36-52
    for bras - sizes 65-95, cups A-I